Made to Last

HMG has been delivering high quality heavy engineering services for more than 50 years. What we do stands the test of time.

What we do

In demanding environments you need precision parts that are machined to last. With a reputation for superior quality, HMG is the preferred supplier of engineering, machining and subtractive manufacturing services to heavy industry leaders looking to reduce their downtime and maintenance costs.


HMG’s blasting, stripping and inspection enclosure is capable of handling any size job from large scale fixed plant equipment down to small components using an array of abrasive agents.


Since starting life as a small surface finishing shop in 1959, HMG has grown to become one of the world’s most trusted names in hard chromium electro-plating, arc spraying and high velocity oxy-fuel (HVOF) spraying, cylindrical grinding, and polishing.


HMG is able to perform a range of pressure testing services for pressure control components as well as hydraulic cylinders, systems and equipment used in mining, oil and gas and other heavy industries.


Our large workshop allows our experienced painters to work in a controlled environment, limiting the chances of defects within the finished product. HMG remains at the forefront of technology and are adept at the selection and application of high performance coating systems such as polyureas, elastomers and specialist wear resistant coatings.


Improve your uptime and bottom line

We design, manufacture and refurbish components and assemblies used in heavy equipment and fixed plants across a wide range of industries.

Industries we serve

In mining, downtime matters. No heavy engineering company understands this better than HMG and that’s why many of the world’s leading mining operators and equipment manufacturers turn to our company to increase their asset productivity and performance.


Since the introduction of key personnel for the oil and gas sector in 2016, HMG has grown its workshop capabilities to become a preferred repairer and manufacturer of pressure control components for oil and gas clients such as Arrow Energy, Baker Hughes a GE Company, Cameron, Easternwell Services and NOV.


We support our heavy industry customers across the construction, shift and lift, and shipping industries with heavy engineering services to keep their machines running longer and stronger.


Whatever your industry within the agricultural sector, HMG’s services can increase the performance of your mobile machinery or fixed plant equipment.


HMG’s comprehensive heavy engineering capabilities cover all areas of our nation’s defence from refurbishing components used by mobile fleet to manufacturing equipment needed at base facilities.


HMG’s ability to apply the most advanced, innovative and well considered technical advice, allows us to successfully answer many unique and complex engineering challenges.


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