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Our History

HMG has delivered high-quality heavy engineering services since 1959.
Our history showcases the decades of delivering products and services of superior quality.


HMG commissioned a new hi tech Sunnen CNC Hone, the HTH-600s, from Watson Specialised Tooling in March.

This allows us to continue our focus on delivering quality heavy engineering services to our valued customers.

Investing in our business to deliver high-quality outcomes on behalf of our customers, continues to keep the production team busy at HMG.
April saw the commission of two brand new machines for Hwacheon.

Investing in our business to deliver high-quality outcomes on behalf of our customers, continues to keep the production team busy at HMG.
April saw the commissions of two brand new machines from Hwacheon.



HMG in 2018

April saw HMG Hardchrome completes its first 5 Year Recertification of a  13-5/8” 10M BOP Stack.

HMG Hardchrome officially changes its trading name to HMG Made to Last, to reflect that the business is so much more than hardchroming. Staff levels of 162.

HMG in 2018 new HVOF machine

HMG welcomed our new HVOF (High Velocity Oxygen Fuel) Surface Coating Technology in August.

Acquisition of HMG by Sime Darby Berhad that began in October is complete.

2012 - 2016

HMG 2012 Doosan DB-130 CNC Horizontal Borer

HMG Hardchrome commissions the Doosan DB-130 CNC Horizontal Borer, which is the largest piece of CNC equipment ever operated by the business and extends the capability in horizontal boring. Staff levels of 234.

HMG in 2014 Wedge wire electroplating

HMG Hardchrome increases its electroplating capacity and capabilities to include Wedge Wire Screens. Staff levels of 171.

HMG 2016 API Q1 specification

HMG Hardchrome gains certification to the American Petroleum Institute’s world leading Q1 standard. Staff levels of 130.



HMG 2009 Hankook CNC Lathe

HMG acquire ATMR and the Meeandah facility increases its CNC capability with the introduction of three Hankook CNC Lathes. Staff levels of 195.


HMG in 2007

Hardchrome is purchased by Heavy Maintenance Group and changes its name to HMG Hardchrome.

HMG Hardchrome also acquires Westhill Engineering and ABC Bearings in Mackay, providing a greater capacity for the business.

2002 - 2006

HMG in 2002

Hardchrome expands its geographical reach into Mackay, in response to the boom in the mining industry. The company establishes full workshop capabilities and a world class metal spraying facility to service the growing market in the Bowen basin.

HMG In 2003 HVOF and Metal spraying

Harchrome commissions an HVOF and metal spraying facility for the mackay workshop, to meet the demand from the mining industry.

HMG in 2005 Boring machine

Hardchrome designs and commissions a purpose-built boring machine for its Meeandah facility.

HMG in 2006 New workshop built

To keep up with the growing demand for Hardchrome’s services, construction starts on a new plating workshop and office building at the Brisbane facility. Staff levels of 190.


HMG in 2000

Acquiring Southbank Engineering and Horn Engineering, Hardchrome relocates the hydraulics shop and office to its current location in Meeandah, which provides a greater capacity for the business.

Staff level of 70.

1994 - 1998

Hardchrome increases its machine shop footprint with the addition of a deep hole boring machine and Landis cylindrical grinding machine, which are easily accommodated in the larger workshop.

HMG in 1994

Hardchrome’s first Okuma Slant Bed CNC Lathe is commissioned, which enabled the business to improve turnaround times on critical components.

Okuma Slant Bed CNC Lathe 1995

The honing capacity of the business increases with the addition of an 8m honing machine.

HMG in 1996

To satisfy the increase in demand, Hardchrome commissions and Alpha CNC Lathe.

HMG in 1998



HMG in 1991

Hardchrome increases its capabilities with the addition of a hydraulics shop, which expands the facility to incorporate the block next door and change to 31 Lacarack Avenue. Staff numbers reach 60.

1981 - 89

HMG in 1989

To increase the capacity and capability of the machine shop, Hardchrome’s facility is expanded with the addition of carious manual lathes, cylindrical grinders and internal grinding machines.

Hardchrome commissions additional cyclical grinding machines in response to the growing market demand for the business’s services.

Longest service employee, Ken Hensler, begins working for HMG in March 1981.

HMG in 1981


Additional extensions to the new machine shop permit Hardchrome’s first Honing Machine to be commissioned, which enables the business to finish machine internal diameters. Staff level of 28.


Man at machine 1969

Expansions begin at Harchrome to include the addition of a new machine shop, which was constructed on the adjoining block of land.

Man in front of Churchill cylindrical grinder 1966

1965 - 1966

Man displaying component 1965 

With construction complete, Hardchrome moves operations to the new facility at Eagle Farm. Electroplating capacity is increased with the addition of 2,000 and 6,000 amp rectifiers. Staff levels reached 10.

An 84’ capacity Churchill Cylindrical Grinder is commissioned for the new facility at Eagle Farm.

Man in front of cylindrical grinder 1966


Due to the growth of the business and customer demand, Hardchrome fabricates and begins construction of a new workshop at 41 Lavarack Avenue in Eagle Farm.


HMG employee holding a chrome plated rod 1961

Larger chrome tanks and rectifiers are installed at the shop in Albion, along with an overhead travelling crane.


Back and white photo of a HMG employee working on a component 1959

HMG starts life as Hardchrome Pty Ltd, a small surface finishing shop based in Albion, which was a first for the Brisbane area. The modest facility consisted of one 100amp rectifier, chrome tank and a staff of one.

Our knowledge and expertise in the craft of machining, chroming and repair is unmatched