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HMG has the proven experience to deliver advanced, experienced and customer focused solution packages.

We are adaptive and with ever-changing technology this allows us the ability to improve the way we provide our solutions and technical insight.

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Trusted for over 60 years

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Our People & Customer Relationships

Our HMG team values delivering high-quality products and customer support. Our team works collaboratively with our customers to ensure we understand their needs, before developing tailored repair solutions and proposals. 

On Time – High Quality

We provide complete repair solutions, not just services. We get to know our customers’ businesses and work closely with them, to provide options that reduce ongoing maintenance costs and improve product performance and componentry life.


High standards are not just something we aspire to. HMG is committed to best-practice industry stands and holds third party accreditation to international standards in Environment, Health & Safety and Quality.

Modern & Lean

Lean manufacturing principles have been embedded into our business and operational approach, including all workshop facilities process and equipment set up. The resulting efficiencies drive our team’s performance, visible team culture, and ability to consistently deliver on time and in full.

Workshop & Technical

Our workshop operations team brings together qualified fitters, machinists and boilermakers who have proven skills to undertake quality, timely work. Our technicians’ skills are supported by strong operational procedures to ensure the quality we have delivered over decades is implemented into every job. 

Cost saving approach

By offering both OEM and aftermarket parts and repair options, we can help you control cost.

Projects we’ve worked on

Historical photo of a HMG worker

HMG has been providing a broad range of in-house reclamation and reconditioning solutions for over half a century.

HMG employees

Beyond all our capabilities and offerings, it is our people who make HMG what it is today.

Tom at CNC Control panel

There is a reason our average employee tenure is 16 years. HMG values everybody, every day. 

Industry Insights


HMG Celebrates 65 Years in Business

2024 is a milestone year for HMG as they mark 65 years delivering high-quality hydraulic cylinder reclamation, surface finishing and

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