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High-quality surface finishing for your hydraulic cylinders

Our team of highly skilled machinists ensure every component, whether it’s reclaimed or manufactured in-house, is finished to the highest possible standards, enforced by our stringent QA processes

HMG’s surface finishing workshop boasts a large capacity combined with the latest CNC technology for maximum throughput and precision. To ensure the long-term life of your hydraulic cylinder, it’s important to make sure it has been properly finished on all surfaces and edges before it leaves our workshop. This ensures that no imperfections get in the way of the smooth motion necessary for optimal performance. HMG has a full surface finishing workshop dedicated to making sure that every hydraulic cylinder we manufacture gets the smoothest finish possible to help you avoid costly repairs and replacements down the line.

During the finishing process, our team uses abrasive materials (such as silicon carbide and aluminum oxide) to buff down the machined surface of your component until it meets the desired level of finish. This is done to create a flawless mirror like finish or any pattern you can think of. If you want your component made out of stainless steel, we can plate the component before machining it in order to obtain an even smoother surface. Stainless steel offers many benefits that make it perfect for use in hydraulic cylinders such as: increased protection against corrosion, excellent machinability and ductility; however it does have some drawbacks such as high cost, poor strength and hardness when compared with carbon steels and nickel alloys.


Polishing machines

Five polishing machines up to 840mm diameter and 10,000mm length.

External grinding machines

Nine external grinding machines up to 920mm diameter and 5,500mm in length.

CNC grinders

Two CNC grinders up to 800mm diameter and 6,000mm in length.

Internal grinding machines

Two internal grinding machines up to 700mm diameter and 500mm in length.

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