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HMG has grown to become one of the world’s most trusted names in hard chromium electro-plating.

Hard chrome plating, also known as hard chromium plating, chrome plating or simply HCP, is the most commonly used method of chromium plating of steel parts. This process involves putting the steel part into an electrochemical cell and immersing it in liquid electrolyte, typically sulfuric acid with dissolved chromium salts and metallic chromium anodes. In this solution, the desired coating of chromium (Cr) will be formed on the surface of the steel part through an electrochemical process called cathodic reduction.

Hard chrome plating is a high-performance metal finishing process. It provides enhanced corrosion and wear resistance, anti-galling characteristics, low friction and low micro-hardness values. Hydraulic rods, as well as many industrial castings and components are suitable for this process. HMG can hard chrome plate parts up to 250mm in diameter in one operation for complete conformity to OEM specifications.

HMG is supported by a first-class environmental system which ensures we comply with ISO 14001:2015, all relevant laws and regulations. At all times, we operate in a manner that protects the natural environment and social surroundings, preserves biodiversity, prevents pollution and minimises waste. Our facilities recycle waste and are energy and water-efficient, reusing water from our own capture systems and utilising power-saving programs sponsored by the Queensland Government.


Rod chrome tanks

Vertical plating tanks up to 4,800mm deep x 2,600mm long x 1,200mm wide.

Screen chrome tanks

Vertical plating tanks dedicated to the hard chrome plating of wedge wire screens.

Baking ovens

Pre and post baking ovens up to 5,400mm in length and 800mm wide.

Salt-Spray Testing

Chrome analysis laboratory with Salt Spray testing cabinet.

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Need a fast turn-around for your hydraulic cylinder?
The most common dozer, truck and excavator cylinders are available for service exchange. See our full range.

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