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HMG’s New Apprentices: Building Skills for the Future

HMG is proud to announce the commencement of five new apprentices last week!

Kurtis, Giles, Sam, Zachariah, and Theo, all embarked on their fitter machinist trades through HMG’s revamped apprenticeship program.

The program, designed and implemented by Sime Darby Industrial Service’s dedicated apprenticeship and training coordination team, aims to provide apprentices with a supportive and learning-focused environment.

The main goal being to give our apprentices the best possible start to their careers, ensuring that they qualify as confident and proficient tradespeople.

A Focus on Safety

Key to introducing any new entrant to the heavy manufacturing industry is to ensure that safety is of paramount importance.

At HMG, we have engaged our HSE team during the onboarding process to help give our new apprentices the confidence they need to perform their role safely.

Our HSE team will provide ongoing support throughout their apprenticeship, reflecting HMG’s commitment to building the next generation of safer employees.

HMG General Manager Shaun Kettlety reinforced HMG’s safety focus when welcoming the new apprentices.

“Safety is paramount here,” Mr Kettlety said. “I want all our people to arrive with a smile and go home with a smile.”

‘Our Next Generation’

In a highly competitive labour market, HMG’s philosophy is not just going after quick fixes – it is the investment in its people that will pay dividends in the future.

HMG’s new apprenticeship program fosters a culture of support and loyalty, keeping our apprenticeship management staff in constant contact with the apprentices and helping to instil confidence in them as they grow into their roles as tradespeople.

The apprenticeship program is designed to retain talent by ensuring their working environment is geared to support them.

“You play a crucial role—you are our next generation,” Shaun Kettlety affirmed during onboarding day, highlighting the importance of their contributions. This acknowledgment underscores HMG’s investment in nurturing talent for the long-term.

All Corners of the Workshop

Throughout their apprenticeships, Kurtis, Giles, Sam, Zachariah, and Theo will receive training and guidance from experienced professionals at HMG, from all areas of the business.

This hands-on approach ensures that our staff’s wealth of skills and knowledge are passed down effectively, contributing to the apprentices’ growth and development.

It will also provide them with an understanding of all areas of production. They’ll be exposed to everything; chrome-plating, CNC and manual machining, thermal reclamation, laser cladding, surface finishing, assembly and testing to name a few.

This range of experiences will not only ensure they qualify as well-rounded tradespeople, but can help them decided which areas they’d like to work in the long-term.

As these apprentices embark on their journey, they do so with the full support of HMG’s leadership, HSE team, and colleagues. With safety as a priority and a focus on building practical skills, Kurtis, Giles, Sam, Zachariah, and Theo are well-positioned to contribute to the company’s success.

In welcoming these apprentices, HMG reaffirms its commitment to developing talent and building a skilled workforce for the future. With a focus on safety and practical training, the company and its apprentices are ready to make meaningful contributions to the manufacturing industry.

Want an apprenticeship with HMG? Visit our CAREERS PAGE to submit your resume and keep an eye out for out mid-year apprenticeship intake!

About HMG

HMG started life as a small surface finishing shop in 1959. Today, we are a global leader in the design, manufacture and refurbishment of components and assemblies used in heavy industries. With 9,700m2 of undercover workshop floor space, our capabilities span engineering and manufacturing, blasting, stripping and inspection, surface finishing, assembly and testing, and painting and packing.

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