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The Importance of Australian Made Certification for HMG’s Hydraulic Cylinders

Closeup Of Excavator Component

HMG is proud to announce that we have been certified by Australia Made for our hydraulic cylinder manufacturing. We are one of two hydraulic cylinder manufacturers and the only hydraulic cylinder manufacturer for heavy industries to hold the Australian Made certification. With more and more manufacturing being moved offshore, HMG believed it was important to showcase our products and capabilities to the public.

Why GET Certified?

Dan Ware, National Sales Manager of Reclamation & Engineering Services, explains why HMG made the decision to certify our hydraulic cylinders.

“HMG obviously has a long history of manufacturing high-quality components, so being certified as Australian Made doesn’t change any of that, but the Australian Made Logo does carry with it the same sense of pride that HMG has as an Australian manufacturer, so for me it just made sense for HMG to align with the Australian Made campaign.

The iconic Kangaroo Logo quickly lets our customers know they are supporting the Australian economy and helping generate employment opportunities locally in Australia by choosing HMG.

It’s something that I am personally very proud of and get a kick out of seeing our cylinders going out displaying the Australian Made logo.”

Dan Ware

What is australian made?

Australian Standards are amongst the strictest in the world, with a focus on rigorous quality control and safety standards. The certification process is designed to ensure that only goods manufactured in Australia can be labelled as Australian Made.

In light of the recent global political climate with tariffs being applied across international borders, we at HMG understand that customers need access to safe and reliable hydraulic cylinders manufactured in accordance with Australian Standards. We are proud to announce our manufacturing has met these requirements!

As part of the certification process, we have undergone an independent audit for all critical aspects including design, production and testing as well as product compliance. Only then were our hydraulic cylinders able to attain the prestigious title. A certificate with more weight than ever before, it represents high-quality engineering that is guaranteed to exceed customer expectations and bring you peace of mind when considering a purchase a hydraulic cylinder from HMG.

We pride ourselves on designing products that not only work effectively but are also durable and robust for our Australian conditions. What sets us apart from other manufacturers is that we use advanced technology and extensive engineering expertise to produce innovative designs which stand up against tough conditions. These standards set us apart from other companies who may choose overseas markets over those right here in Australia because they value the importance of this designation.

HMG team member grinding new hydraulic cylinder in the workshop.